Friday, November 14, 2008

Episode 14b--More Jo, Love to Stashymama, Spinning

Another "betweener" episode in which Jo and I finish chatting, Anne/Stashymama's talents are discussed with ideas of exploitation, and spinning chat.


susan93940 said...

Dear Dr. Gemma,
Thank you for your kind mention of my ideas in your podcast. After listening to this latest batches: 13 - 14b, it's clear that you seem to find many interesting things to podcast about. So, no problem if you don't discuss something I wrote.

I also live in fear of dark hole #1 (spinning) and dark hole #2 (dying) either of which will make my involvement with the yarn and its colors just a bit too long. I don't need anymore UFO's.

Thanks for the reframing examples. Yours is the first example I've seen of being able to get through to a bipolar person going off the meds. Perhaps more tips could be given for family members, spouses, etc.

Though, I once talked a person already in manic stage into going home (person was in their 20's but lived at home). I came into the store they were at and I brought a neighbor with me for good measure. I called out the person's name loudly enough to get everyone's attention in the small store, then pointed repeatedly at my watch and in a guilt-inducing tone stated "What are you doing out so late?--your mother must be worried about you!. -- You need to be at home!"

I think that because I spoke so definitely and clearly and pointed to the watch as some kind of independent authority, she acceded to my suggestion that she go home with us. Of course her bank account was well overspent by then.

It seems like all you can do as a relative or friend is stand by and learn about the momumental financial destruction when the credit card company will not curb the wild overspending unless the individual on the card requests that it be shut off. Family members need some tools in this situation.

Happy knitting to you and your friends.

Susan93940 on Ravelry

Gemma said...

I'm glad you were successful in helping your manic acquaintance get out of there! Nice reframe--i.e. instead of allowing her to see herself as happily shopping, you reframed to her being in the wrong to distress her mom. One can hardly imagine what the shopkeeper was thinking as that person ran up her card.

I cannot legitimately post tactics for how to stop a person in a bout of mental illness. CA law prohibits my offering treatment unless I can see the patient or my encouraging unlicensed people to diagnose, even when I believe they are correct in their assessment. I do feel your pain, however; it is truly awful to watch people destroy themselves. This aspect of things can be very frustrating for me too.

I hope this does not discourage you from making more thoughtful and intelligent comments on my work. Even when I cannot respond as I might like, you are always worth reading! You've clearly given a lot of thought to what you've seen of metal health issues and their complexities in your private and professional life.

Heavens, if you fall into either of the dark holes you mentioned, I will gnash my teeth most fearfully on the air. Some of us must hold the stance of being fine customers for the ones who DO dye and spin! Think of the Etsy shops that would crash without us who refuse these lures...!
Warm hug,

jo said...

i have to say, hearing that much of my own voice is weird.

but points to you for making me sound less nasal, and my apologies to everyone who had to hear me sniffle and babble.