Monday, April 8, 2024

Episode 177: Just epic

The Birthday Guy Himself.

This episode will upload April 13, 2024

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Warm Thanks : 

TinyShinyThings—not only created a PeptoPalace, but is looking for people who spin acrylic. Is that really a thing?
VivaScrapper wants to know if peeps want a crochet-reinforced steeking class? At CRFX, I mean.

Cogknitive Fiber Retreat 10 (2024): ALL INFO IS RIGHT HERE! It's the info thread on Ravelry.

What's On My Hooks and Needles:
In Progress:
Stash toss 2024 (13 in versus 34 out) 

5th CFR23 Sock Yarn Cowl: frankly, this addiction is a bit embarrassing…6” out of 8”

Crochet block experiments:

Lydia’s pinks socks: working down the instep.

Vestuary24: finished the back! Working up the front.

Green Scrappy Wristers...In thoughtful increments.

Dizzy Blondes: 

Still working on more merino from
3rd bobbin (sigh), but no progress
A fuzz ball of Minerva daily continues: 1 per day
Now working on gorgeous alpaca mix fluff from Dani!

Strategy: Back to zero. When nothing works. For me: one thing at a time and compare.

AW shoot!: cycling along at 30 mins/day on my bike/desk ("FitDesk") 270 miles since late November.

Fluffy Books: docudrama on Netflix about Alexander the Great
Invest Like a Girl. Make your kids read this.

Something I Really Like: 
The Wednesday doll kit—it’s not the Woobles…

Put a Lid on It: 
London Fog Tea Latte:
1 Earl Grey teabag or equivalent loose tea
3 drops stevia liquid
2 Tbsp heavy cream

Add all but the cream to a goodly-sized mug. I use about 12 or 16 ounces hot water.
Steep 5 minutes.
Add cream.
Whiz in a bullet blender or with a frotherfor a burst or 2.

Enjoy and save a few bucks over Starbucks.


Rainy weekend + flooding= cleaning and crafting. Still raining every weekend.
With petticoat!

Weight loss and fasting: Down  15 pounds in 4 weeks. Plateau’ed.
Digital cleaning:  DONE!

Project G: back on the rails again. But also close to finished.

Pupdate--  Captain and Queenie--doing fine

Greenfingers report: winter garden, dreaming--ZZZZZZZ

Death Valley and the Usual Epic Birthday Battle

Community Resources:
Books I’ve UsedA Knit/Crochet Library on the Ravelry group for CogKnitive
My Favorite Resources to Buy: The entire list can be found right here.
Skills and techniques list : links


Yarnopoly and Second Saturday Stitchers—look them up on Facebook! meet-ups on the 2nd Saturday of each month (usually)
Sit and Stitch group: 9-noon, 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at Joanne Darcy Library in Canyon Country
SCV Free Craft exchange: Find them on Facebook.
CFR10—Courtyard by Marriott, Valencia on Sept 28, 2024. Information
Romjul: Dec 21--Jan 1, 2024-25

And Minerva gets the last word: waiting for spring!

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