Monday, July 17, 2023

Episode 139: Life on Alderaan

China rose has a second set of blooms!

This episode will publish July 22, 2023

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Warm Thanks :
Everyone supporting CFR2023! GayleTorrey for noting: "The one thing I’d add to the 911 info is, if you live rural write directions to your home and tack it next to the phone.
...maybe this isn’t necessary anymore but if you need to tell someone and there’s many road names and turns it could be hard to remember while under duress. Also good if a child is making the call."

Cogknitive Fiber Retreat 2023: it’s on for Saturday, November 11, 2023. 9 AM to 5 PM (event room hours).

Cost: $35 per adult attendee—PayPal to gemmadw AT not refundable 
NEW: Last day, to pay attendance fee: September 1, 2023
Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott: 28523 Westinghouse Place Valencia, California 91355 

+1 661-257-3220

Event Summary:

Cogknitive Fiber Retreat 2023

Start Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2023

End Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Last Day to Book: Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  • Courtyard Santa Clarita Valencia for 169 USD - 179 USD per night

Book your group rate for Cogknitive Fiber Retreat 2023

Guests can also call the hotel directly, at (661) 257-3220, to have their reservations made under the 'Cogknitive Fiber Retreat' rate

Attendees so far:

1. OliveMavis/Jennifer-$
2. Lex--$
4. Kai H.--$
5. Estelle Acuna
6. Jenna I--$
7. Mary P.
8. Carrmal 
9. Potchke-$
10. Maridee--$
11. Ariane G.-$
12. Gigi-$
13. Jasmin-$
14. 2009nissanaltima
15. Peachy-$
16. Smidjin -$
17. LeftyRebelKnitter--$
18. Redsknits
19. Goodstuff/Brenda C--$
20. Judy K.
21. Priscilla A.
22. Drew Kaitlin-$
23. Sustainablelivin--$
24. CherulSlover
25. Myladyirony--$
26. Glowingelegy-$
27. Ann McGee-$
28. Knitonepugtwo $
29.Amy storm—$
30. Celiakc
31. Jedimom $
32. Plexippa--$
33. Pamhogarth-$
34. Lisa marchbanks
35. --$
36. Heather campbell
37. Tracy DeFreitas
38. Kimmel--$
39. IzzyNov
40. MarjorieW
41. Lorkcreates
42. Elisegenevieve-$
43. Klynnaw/Karen
44. knittingpretty50
45. Vivascrapper-$
46. Vivascrapper daughter-$
47. Mary Tiffany—$
48. Loretta Loebs-$ 
49. Carmentrinidad-$
50. DyharKnitter/Diane Harris-$

1.  LittleFence/Monica

Lisa Souza Yarns --confirmed hotel!!
Oink Pigments—confirmed!
Tina’s Soaps
Lazersheep Yarns—confirmed!! AND is making us a show-special colorway!!
Alpenglow—confirmed! Thanks, Carrie!

And the Sea Glass colorway by Dizzy Blonde Studio!

Mini skeins swap-- 25 g, about 100 yards, please. 
Patterns to use:
1. Knit: Manic Panic cowl or scarf
2. Crochet: Calm Cowl--free on Ravelry!
6. A Mermaid Darkly by Y. Dasher
7. Buggiflooer hat from Shetland Wool Week
8. Helix knitting technique from Purl Soho

Mother Bear Project (official charity)=extra raffle tickets
Goody bags

What's On My Hooks and Needles:


Simplicity 8605: Pink Hearts

Simplicity 8605: FoxTapestry with petticoat puffing it out 

In Progress:
Stash toss 2023 (8 in versus 40 out)  

Lanesplitter Skirt- I’ve turned the first corner and I’m on the straight-away--32 inches along!

Lady Eleanor Shawl-- The Next Big Thing.  Fringe strips cut and waiting to finish. At least 75” long so far. Waiting to add tassels.

Minerva’s Meow Socks:

My Favorite Resources:


LYS and supplies:

Webs for supplies

The Altered Stitch in Valley Village, LA

The Knitting Tree in Airport-land, LA

Latelier on Ventura

Nice extras and Cool Stuff:

Birch and Cider for custom leather tags on Etsy

Razzberries Studios on Etsy for chatelaine supplies

Dizzy Blondes: 

Still working on more merino from
3rd bobbin (sigh), but no progress
A fuzz ball of Minerva daily continues: 1 per day
Unboxing the new Nano—not yet

Strategy: review your tools, don’t just rely on one 


Fluffy Books:

The Bridgerton books—sweetness of ordinary people with reasonable dialogue
Nimona on Netflix

Something I Really Like: on IG:
Meet Benjamin!

Put a Lid on It: 
Tea tastings:  continue. 
Cranberry Earl Grey--YES!

Watermelon mint—yes! No sweetener, iced, no sparkling water

Pupdate--  Captain and Queenie: groomed today!

Hubsdate: sprucing up the place: gardening and CA Buckwheat, 

placing the cacti, 
prowling with the plant identification app.

Pollinators for Zone 9B: delayed until the 19th.
Farmers Defense--sleeves, gloves, hats, etc for gardening

Gloria: new beginnings outside. 

Curly the curly jade


Cogknitive FiberRetreat 2023: Saturday, November 11, 2023
Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference: Anaheim, Dec. 12-17, 2023

And Minerva gets the last word: cruising around on Alderaan

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