Sunday, February 20, 2022

Episode 67: Overstimulated

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Warm Thanks 

Everyone who helped Minerva!

Dani—Stitches crisis

DCAlaneKnits for catching that episode 66 Second Chances had not published correctly.

Mblossom- have fun on that vest-uary project!

Mtfiberarts for a tasty ko-fi—I greatly appreciate your ongoing support!


Vaccinated in California?  Get your electronic COVID card 😷! thanks, Betty HS!

Kids 12-15 can now get booster shots

LA County card also issued to Apple wallet and Google Pay, courtesy of Healthvana

NOTE: It updates automatically to include your booster shot.

Free Covid tests- 4 per household: finally arriving!

What's On My Hooks and Needles:



In Progress:  

Don't Know Yet--a year in blocks-- 50 completed

The random blocks from years ago:

Noro Hearts Scarf--on hold for a few other priorities

Yule socks: sock #2 is on the foot!

Vest-uary 2022- -on the front at last!

I’m currently wearing...  

knitted socks

My Two Favorite Resources:

Webs for supplies

Dizzy Blondes: 

Still working on more merino from
3rd bobbin (sigh), but no progress


Emotional Management Strategies: ABC PLEASE: PLEASE part
Managing when overwhelmed                                                                                                                                                                     

The "could-do" list                                                                                                                        

Put a Lid On It: 

Making bath bombs: redux

Aw Shoot!

Rock climbing: nope

Fluffy Books: 

Nope. Too lousy. Thanks to Dani for her list.

Something I Really Like: 



Pupdate-- smiling Captain!

Minerva is normal!

Classes, glorious classes—46 hours last year's conference, 44 online hours + 12 live so far from this year

Eye surgery for the Beloved: March 4

Stitches changes

And Minerva gets the last word:

1 comment:

tinyshinythings said...

Hi Gemma lovely to hear from you again. You sounded a bit down and am so sorry about your Stitches plans having to be cancelled. A real act of love for your family. I was also very interested to hear that your cats out there have to be inside cats. Only logical when you talk about all the things that could get them but it had just never occurred to me. Interesting to hear how your managing Minerva’s behaviours too.I’m in Scotland and am definitely going to look out for those smiling dogs. My own dog gives me a half cock gangster grin when he wants to play. I used to wonder if he read my smiles as aggression when I showed him my teeth but were getting to know each other’s funny little ways. Stay strong as you always do Gemma and keep on podcasting. Much love. Sally