Saturday, July 22, 2017

239: Hot Summer Days

Cherry juice so easily becomes fresh sorbet! And jelly, of course...and smoothies...

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What's On My Hooks, Needles, and Spindles:

Mother Bear Project--the website, for info on making bears.


Nothing new this week

In Progress:

Random coasters for mugs

Easter Egg Entrelac scarf

The Southwestern Entrelac Scarf

Also, Entre to Entrelac book.

My LYS: Creative Ewe Studios

Several pairs of socks:

The Pink Cascade Socks--first sock is done.  I am moving through stockinette on the second

Nancy's socks in Paton's--I am almost done!

Gray Dawn--another Collie scarf for the Terhune Sunnybank memorial

The OHM Shawl by Michelle Miller. No, I have neither finished not forgotten this one...

Or this one:

Eleanor Scarf--spun from Eleanor's undercoat and knitted in my favored checkerboard pattern.

Dizzy Blondes: 

Considering how to use the yarn I still have from Eleanor.


Tolerating Criticism I:
Letting your critic know that you have heard them. Using neutral voice. Not agreeing that the critic is right, just making clear that you've heard their ideas.

Put a Lid On It:

Cherry harvest is done. Results: tried cherry marmalade recipe--not especially worth the effort. Black Forest Preserves are a hit again this year. A bit about processing tomatoes before making sauces or salsa. My recommended ice cream maker is from Cuisinart. My beloved tomato press is here.

The Cake described:

Aunt Mim's Cake Plus:

Use a boxed cake--Devil's Food. Replace water in mix with 2x strength coffee. Make as 2 layers. Between layers, use Black Forest Preserves as ganache. Frost with cream cheese frosting:

1 brick softened cream cheese
1 stick butter
1 bag confectioners (powdered) sugar to taste

Mix the above, with sugar to taste. Decorate with fresh, sliced cherries

Plans: Time to make fresh salsa and bread and butter pickles.

Sorbet: 5 peaches or nectarines or plums make a fine batch of sorbet! No peeling, just simmer and then into the sorbet!

Easy Smoothie:
frozen banana
watermelon chunks
white grape juice
filtered water
peach sorbet
frozen cherries (pitted)

Whiz around in blender.

My favorite books:

The Joy of Pickling
The Ball Book of Preserving Foods
The Joy of Cooking
The Perfect Scoop

Aw Shoot!

I'm BAAAAACK!!! Daily 30 minutes on treadmill or elliptical to rebuild stamina. Hoping to get back to Running Dog podcast soon.

Make YES Happen--my source for virtual races. Look up the older, free races.

Something I Really Like:

The new Conversations and Drop In functions on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.


Life with a tiny air conditioner. And a naked Newfie--Poor Baron!

A bit more cherry harvest stuff:

Hanging out in restaurants and hospital:


August 18-21, 2017: Sunnybank again--northern new Jersey
Dec 13-17: Anaheim for Evolutions Conference!

Fearless wants equal time, of course:

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