Monday, May 29, 2017

237: Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

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There will NOT be CFR this year.

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I am gemmadw on  Twitter and Pinterest, DoeWalking on, and DrGemma on Plurk and Instagram.

What's On My Hooks, Needles, and Spindles:

Mother Bear Project--the website, for info on making bears.


Charcoal Embers Entrelac looks like charcoal and embers to me....the recipe is here.

In Progress:

Easter Egg Entrelac scarf

The Southwestern Entrelac Scarf

Also, Entre to Entrelac book.

My LYS: Creative Ewe Studios

Several pairs of socks:

The "Stuck in Traffic" first sock is done! And I am up to stockinette on the second

The Pink Cascade Socks--first sock is done

Nancy's socks in Paton's--I am up to stockinette on the second

Gray Dawn--another Collie scarf for the Terhune Sunnybank memorial

The OHM Shawl by Michelle Miller. No, I have neither finished not forgotten this one...

Or this one:

Eleanor Scarf--spun from Eleanor's undercoat and knitted in my favored checkerboard pattern.

Dizzy Blondes: 
Still harvesting coat from Baron, Eleanor's is just about to begin. Looking forward to Retzlaff.


Everyday Leadership: Live your values. Because if you don't lead by example, nobody will follow.

The Leadership Challenge-

Put a Lid On It:

Reviewing recipes for the cherry harvest--starts on Tuesday, May 30! Potentials include cherry jelly, Black Forest Preserves, Cherry Marmalade, and, of course, cherry pies!

Use your phone's camera to take pics of your recipes and that can replace a shopping list in a pinch.

My favorite books:

The Joy of Pickling
The Ball Book of Preserving Foods
The Joy of Cooking
The Perfect Scoop

Aw Shoot!

Currently Fitbit free.
Week 3 of Ease into 10K app. Doing about 2.5 miles of walk/run intervals. My virtuals:

Make YES Happen

And Episode 10 of Running Dog is live...

Something I Really Like:

Being a Crafter/Maker in an environment of Materialists


Just cheerful ramblings this time...we all are a bit sick, Memorial Day is passing in a tranquil way, 3 more days of school for the Beloved Son...and Retzlaff!

June 3, 2017: Retzlaff Winery spinning event
August 18-21, 2017: Sunnybank again--northern new Jersey
Dec 13-17: Anaheim for Evolutions Conference!

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twistle said...

Only just found you again after the feed-foo! - I thought you had gone! - missed you, glad to have found you again!