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226 and 227: Sunnybank, Disneyland, and the Summer of Adventures!

The Beloved Son and I had SO MUCH FUN on my birthday in Disneyland!

CFR 8 is coming! Oct. 8, 2016!
Sign-ups begin June 1, 2016 for those who have already atended.
Sign-ups begin July 1, 2016 for new folks!

More information here!

Information is here.
3 bears per person can be turned in at the Mother Bear Project booth at Stitches West 2017 (+ $3 per bear for shipping overseas)
Bears can also be turned in at CFR 8, if you are attending--again with $3 per bear for shipping.

KNIT 15 BEARS IN 2015!!!

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What's On My Hooks, Needles, and Spindles:

Mother Bear Project--the website, for info on making bears.

Love from CogKnitive to our very beloved friend, Gigi Knitmore. We all wish you well and a speedy recovery. As always, the Knitmores handled this like the pros they are, but still...Gigi is simply not replaceable.


Continental Knit Scarf in my own checkerboard pattern.

Abstract Socks--yeah, okay, I lost control...Matisse in colorway Peacock.

 Lad: A Scarf--auctioned off at The 2016 Gathering at Sunnybank for $330, with his sequel (now in progress) commissioned for the same price. Proceeds go the The Sunnybank Memorial Fund, which maintains the parts of Wayne County New Jersey's Terhune Memorial Park that are specifically related to the author and his wife and pets.

The lower pic is Lad's new owner, who promptly introduced the scarf to her Collie!

The Original Fox Pattern I adapted.

In Progress:

Second Bear from Fiji

The OHM Shawl by Michelle Miller.

Eleanor Scarf--spun from Eleanor's undercoat and knitted in my favored checkerboard pattern.

Dizzy Blondes: 

Project "Spin Everyone on the Ranch"--Still working on Baron's and Eleanor's undercoat. Ramblings about different locations on a dog's body for good coat--with specific breed references.

The final Dog hair yarns: Baron (Newfie Dog) in black and Eleanor (Rough Collie) in cream.

Now addicted to my Spindolyn--a fully supported spindle, like the Royale Hare. I now admit that I vastly prefer the Spindolyn. Another option that I have not investigated yet is here.

The Royale Hare in action:

WOUF--professional haute couture dog hair spinning

Working on a lovely gradient from BeeMiceElf in colorway Abalone.

And a "junk fiber" braid on my drop spindle from Aker.

I try to discuss Akerworks with more accuracy this time! Akerworks spindles and bobbins

Dog Fur Method:

Put a handful of dog undercoat in fine-mesh lingerie bags and zip shut. Wash in cool water with Soak or equivalent, no agitation, no sudden temperature changes. Rinse until water runs clear. bags.

Comb dried fur with fine-gauge combs to make rolags.

Spin on high-speed wheel or on supported spindle. Wash again if still dusty.

226: More Mindfulness: The Phony Virtue of Holding On to What Harms Us.

Yes, I really did forget a strategy in 227!

Put a Lid On It:

226: Juicing cherries and making things from the juice--jelly, drinking, sorbet, jams, ice cream. Black Forest preserves--make as much as you can! All recipes are from the Books listed below.

And Banana Sorbet, of course.

227: No serious canning or cooking, except for the weekly brownies and pizza and iced tea.

My favorite books:

The Joy of Pickling
The Ball Book of Preserving Foods
The Joy of Cooking
The Perfect Scoop

Aw Shoot!

Running at Sunnybank and Disney. 5K and 10K at Disneyland completed (2 days in a row); did not try half marathon, due to pain and also presence of family at park--I decided to have fun with my boys instead of increasing my damage levels.

Sunnybank spinning:

Make YES Happen--Route 66 virtual finished. Now hammering away at the Pacific Coast Run--100+ miles of shoreline with good pictures!

Six Pack: an iOS app from Runtastic.

The Pebble Core--Stay tuned for future reports.

What is it like to run longer (5+ miles), in case you've ever wondered.

Rails-to-trails--also available as app on ios and android. If you want to get out and exercise in a new place, you want to know this site!

Running the Disney 5K and 10K--really experienced the true "Disney Best". I highly recommend these races--the 5K for your family, the 10K for a darned fun race.

Disneyland days of racing and fun:

Pre-dawn in the starting corrals

 We love Pluto!

Me and Ms Incredible:

2 dawns, 2 racing medals:

Something I Really Like:

The Spindolyn.

The Disney races. Fit-2-Run and Hoka-One-One running shoes. Energy beans.

KT Tape for supporting your injured body parts. Top pic also includes compression sock over the tape.

About racing tube-type belts. I do not recommend the "Flip Belt". Look for a wider belt.

The best phone holster I've yet found: Bondi Band's sleeve-pocket:


All over this episode!

BIG thumbs up to Anaheim Regional Transport! EXCELLENT service all around!

August 18-21, 2016: Sunnybank again--northern new Jersey
September 2-4: Racing at Disneyland
Oct 8, 2016: CFR8! Mark your calendars!

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