Friday, May 20, 2016

223: Vogue Knitting Live Pasadena

It is just about time to harvest cherries, so we are teaching the Beloved Son how to bake!

CFR 8 is coming! Oct. 8, 2016!
More information here!

Information is here.
3 bears per person can be turned in at the Mother Bear Project booth at Stitches West (+ $3 per bear for shipping overseas)
Bears can also be turned in at CFR 8, if you are attending--again with $3 per bear for shipping.

15 Bears in 2015 is OVER! See below:

KNIT 15 BEARS IN 2015!!! Post a group pic of the 15 bears you've made for Mother Bear Project in 2015 by Dec 31, 2015 on our thread to compete for prizes. POST #93 has the list of who is where in this process.

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What's On My Hooks, Needles, and Spindles:


Nothing this time!

In Progress:

Second Bear from Fiji

Continental Knit Scarf in my own checkerboard pattern.

The OHM Shawl by Michelle Miller.

Crazyfoot Socks

Dizzy Blondes: 

MUCH spinning news!

I am currently engaged in project "Spin Everyone on the Ranch"!


Eleanor (the lighter baggie):

And the camelids, of course (the pale yarns):

Additionally, I have finally scored a Supported Spindle from Royale Hare! I got mine from The Woolery, which actually had them in stock when I phoned to check! this is THE BOMB for spindling shorter-stapled fibers, such as cotton or dog undercoat. Here is a video to show what makes the spindle so special.

Dimensions of Mindfulness: Time and the Now

Put a Lid On It:

Preparing for cherry harvesting. Planned: Cherry-vanilla vodka, amaretto cherry jam, pickled cherries, cherry chutney, cherry jelly, sour-cream-cherry pie, Black Forest Compote, traditional cherry pie.
Vanilla vodka-- use 9 beans from Penzeys, sliced along the edge to open + 750 mil bottle of vodka
Cherry vodka--I just packed cherries into 2 big jars with stoppers and them divided a 750 mil bottle of vodka between them.
All others from The Joy of Pickling or The Ball Book of Preserving Foods or The Joy of Cooking

Aw Shoot!

I am recovered! Back to shorter runs to build up again!
HRC update: Half-Blood Prince Half Marathon
Make YES Happen

Something I Really Like:
.Hey, Siri on the 6s and other voice-controlled tech
Spinning my own ranch!
Annual food harvesting and preserving

Blather: And some interviews!

Vogue Knitting Live Pasadena 2016--the first pic is Sue of Invictus Yarns:

Sandy of RedFish Dyeworks makes her pitch:

Chicken Boots herself is a sister-member of Hogwarts Running Club!

Abstract Fiber came all the way down from Portland!

 Of course I scored some Lisa Souza!!!! But did I take pics or interview them....? AAAHHHHHH!!!

And Lisa reminded me that Sacred Laughter was also there with her amazing pins! MINE!!! Thanks, Robin!


The Calendar of Upcoming Events:

June 4: Spinning at Retzlaff
August 18-21, 2016: Sunnybank again--northern new Jersey
September 2-4: Racing at Disneyland
Oct 8, 2016: CFR8! Mark your calendars!

I'm ready for the cherry harvest!!!!

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