Thursday, December 24, 2015

216: Yarnosphere & WEFF

I'm delighted with my first Baa-ble Hat!

CFR 8 is coming! Oct. 8, 2016!
More information here!

KNIT 15 BEARS IN 2015!!! Post a group pic of the 15 bears you've made for Mother Bear Project in 2015 by Dec 31, 2015 on our thread to compete for prizes.

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What's On My Hooks, Needles, and Spindles:


Foul Cowl

First Baah!--my first try at the incredibly fun Baa--Ble Hat, a Fair Isle design that would be great for newbies to stranded work.
The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee
You Tube tutorial on making Pom Poms
Clover PomPom Maker--large

In Progress:
BeeMiceElf's lovely braid in Targhee wool, colorway "Finale" on my new drop spindle, made by her father. Enjoying the slow art and publishing "a cop of the day".

Baa-ble Hat #2 Brown/green

Continental Knit Scarf in my own checkerboard pattern of :

Done to learn continental knitting and purling:
CO 25 st.
K 5 rows.
Row 6: (K5 P5) to end.
7-10: K5 then knit into knit st and purl into purl st to last 5 st, k last 5 st.
11: K5, then knit into purl st from row 10 and purl into knit st from row 10 to last 5 st; K last 5 st.
12-15: K5, then purl into purl st and knit into knit st.
This should make a checkerboard pattern with a garter edge of 5 st on each side.
Repeat rows 6-15 until you have enough yarn for 5 final rows; knit these last 5 rows for a garter bottom edge.

Mei Mei Socks--one done, the other is waiting behind the shawls in progress.!

The OHM Shawl by Michelle Miller. Coming along at last!.

Dizzy Blondes: 

Bought a supported spindle and increased my fiber collection at WEFF--mainly with more of BeeMiceElf's gradients fiber.

A cop per day...first of the lovely BeeMiceElf Targhee braid in the colorway "Finale"--9 partially-filled bobbins to try to track colors on each bobbin for later plying. This was done on a heavier drop spindle that I bought at Yarnosphere...

...then of a mixed-wool breeds braid that I bought at Yarnosphere and have been using to teach myself to spin with a supported spindle/tahkli bought from Trif's Turnings at WEFF....

Guest-starring Eleanor...


Give yourself 5 loving minutes with a mirror.

Put a Lid On It:

I've been making a lot of homemade "Tomato Pies"--what my Italian family calls pizzas when we are at home. It's easy with homemade pesto, and goat cheese, tomato sauce, and premade dough from Trader Joes.

Baking bread every Saturday, with brownies and whatever on the side. Saving up the pumpkin goodness...and using it to make pumpkin-butter-smoothies and pumpkin bread with chocolate chips! And don't forget those pumpkin waffles!

Aw Shoot!

Hooray! I've completed my first 2 races of the season: The Zombies Run Virtual 5K and the Santa Clarita 5K! Minor update on the glandular thingie. Looking forward to the Turkey Trot at Balboa Park on Thanksgiving Day!

Something I Really Like:

Blankets. My wonderful little GSD is not little anymore, and she rewarded my kindness this week in her own special way.


I had a blast at Yarnosphere, followed 2 weeks later by having a blast at WEFF!

A wonderful Halloween was enjoyed by all around here.


The Calendar of Upcoming Events:

Thanksgiving: Turkey Trot 5K at Lake Balboa
Dec 9-15: In Phoenix for the Erickson Foundation Trainings as a volunteer worker
Dec 20: Reindeer Run 5K at Woodley Park
Feb. 18,  2016: Fiji once more!
Oct 8, 2016: CFR8! Mark your calendars!

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