Saturday, November 29, 2014

OT: Gving Thanks Event and News

Out-Takes Episode: OT:Giving Thanks Event & News is live.
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In the spirit of last year's Virtual Giving Thanks Run/Walk, I am back with a new way for our group to give thanks for the holidays by showing our health!

 Here is how it works:

1.Go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and donate a minimum of $10. If you are not in America, please donate the equivalent to a local and comparable fund.

2. You will receive a letter of thanks.

 3. Please email me a copy of your letter or message me here on Rav. You can PM me here on Rav for my email. OR you post an image of you and your thank-you letter here or on Rav..

4. I will send you your reward--the nifty certificate shown below!

5. POST A PIC HERE of you and your award certificate AFTER you do your distance. **You can run, walk, bike, limp, elliptical, roll, swim, but we are shooting for 5K or 3.1 miles.**

6. Last day you can post a pic is Dec. 31st!!

7. I will award One prize for every 5 runners, up to 3 prizes total (plus any extra prizes donated by others for this cause). There will be a minimum of one prize and a max of 3 from me, plus any prizes donated by other individuals or groups. Awards will be by random drawing FROM PICS OF PARTICIPANTS WITH THE FINAL CERTIFICATE..


itsflts said...

Hi Dr. Gemma,
Here is what seems like a good organization to donate to for the Virtual Turkey trot A breakdown of their spending is here

Sorry I won't see you in Feb. at Stitches, you will be missed.


Unknown said...

Hi Dr. Gemma,
Stopping overnight in Bakersfield on my way to Las Vegas, made me think of you. My boss and I listen to your podcast all the time at work (although we've chosen to remain "lurkers"). On a recent episode you commented that probably only people from your area tuned in. Well we are in the small town of Chemainus on Vancouver Island in Canada. Coincidentally we are also fairly close (across the water) from where they film the TV show "Once Upon a Time", which I know you've recently gotten into (It's filmed in and around the historic fishing village of Steveston, which has now been swallowed up by the greater city of Richmond BC). Due to my line of work (theatre)I know several people who have gotten day calls on the show either as actors or wardrobe set supervisors. So, it is a smaller world than you think! Keep up the good job on the podcast!