Saturday, July 21, 2012

Episode 135


Another one of my bears has surfaced in Namibia!

Celebrating our listeners who have joined the CogKnitive 25 – , 50 –, and 75 – Bear Clubs for MBP. You can see who they all are right here. Great work!
Have YOU completed 25, 50, or 75 bears for Mother Bear Project? Send me your snail and a link to your Ravelry projects page, and CogKnitive will send you a special wristband to celebrate with you.
Add yourself to our CogKNITive Listeners Map.

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STOP THE PRESSES! The ladies at 2KnitLitChicks are running a CAL/KAL for Mother bear project! OF COURSE YOU CAN USE YOUR BEARS FOR THEIR CONTESTS AS WELL AS MINE! The goal is to get more bears made, not to chase you all around to make your prove something...

What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle:
An episode around being adventuresome...

Still in Progress:

My  Noro Kuryon vest.well, okay, it is on time-out while I figure out if I want to rip back and make it more fitted.

The endless Petal Shawlette. Really should be hibernating.... Or ripped out!

A fresh Traveling Woman in some lovely Freckle Face Fibers hand-spun yard.

Dizzy Blondes:

Silk hankies being done on Hermione the flax wheel.


The N-plied silk from Aeventid and Hermione:


Strategy: What would you do if you were not afraid (redux): Planning and realizing that the bad stuff is part of the good stuff.

Something I Really Like:
Knitting Pipeline Podcast--thanks for some great inspiration! And a bow towards the SavvyGirls Podcast, also a Something I Really Like a few months back.

Put  Lid On It:
Peaches and how to skin them

The Bibles:
Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving
Ball Blue Book Guide

About my salad days and walking the Cotswold Way.
Team Cog-CROCHET-tive, Team Cog-SPIN-tive, and CFR updates.


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