Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Episode 73 is Live!

Hermione Grizzly

HEY! It's Hermione Grizzy! (My 2nd bear for Mother Bear.)

Add yourself to our CogKNITive Listeners Map!

What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle: I'm now done my 2nd bear for The Mother Bear Project CAL/KAL--Hermione Grizzly in the picture above.

Post a picture of your bear right here as a comment or here at Ravelry.

The CogKNITIve Meet-up at STITCHES WEST will be at 3 PM on Saturday at Booth 111--the Mother Bear Project booth.
Bring your bear to turn in OR
bring old yarn or needles or hooks to donate OR
bring $5. for the pattern OR
bring $10 to sponsor someone else's bear and have your name put on it.

If nothing else, bring nothing, pay nothing, get love from Dr Gemma for even showing up, and take a brochure to give to your local knitting group to inspire them to make bears.

Just COME! Bring YOURSELF and get a warm hug!
Slow crawl on my adult bamboo-blend socks.

Dizzy Blonde: Plying (OR: How do you spell N-E-E-D-P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E).

Strategy: Never forget: what goes around, comes around,and Kharma is a very real force in this world, whatever your particular faith calls it.

Something I Really Like: More new podcasts: The Knitting Show, and Yarns From the Plain, and an old friend: Knitting Rose Did I mention that ChrissytheGreat is a person I really like? And let's not forget KnitGifts.com, who sent me a gift of lovely cards through Gigi.

Blather: New and better hours at work, no more teaching, a new dishwasher, Creative Pursuits, and coaxing Lexicom into doing her fantastic podcast. Ah, and I get 2 weeks off around Stitches West!

CogKNITive Fiber Retreat:
probably in Tehachapi again.
Still looking for a place that might be a little larger than last year's, planning to give preference to people who came last year, probably going to charge slightly more than last year (but still tying to keep things as inexpensive as possible), and lining up classes.

Early possibilities: Navajo spindling, Tunisian crochet, entrelac (Nathan? did I mention...?), 2-at-atime-toe-up socks==how to cast on, fiber preparation, fitting your knit/crochetware. And the same excellent line-up of vendors plus Carolina Homespun.

No fixed date yet, but probably the 2nd week of October.


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