Monday, October 19, 2009

Episode 63 is live!

A toast to a great day with lots of friends!

A toast to a great day with lots of friends!

Rehash, via the usual segements, of the First CogKNITive Fiber Retreat.

The photo album is here.

StacyW's amazing slide show is here.


sandy l said...

Dr. Gemma,

I just listened to your podcast. I don't think that it is narcisstic to look at the vendors and be proud or feel good about the fiber treat. Afterall, this was your dream and you made it come to life. And you realized that you did not do it alone. I believe that you are allowed a few moments, even a hour, of feeling good about that accomplishment. And not being considered narcisstic. Also, reading the twitter and thinking maybe Gigi and Jasmyn are coming is not narcissism. It is wishful thinking and hopeful. I'm not a psychologist but neither are you narcisstic. If you were, your podcast would be very boring. :)

Gemma said...

Thanks for a very kind response!

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

definitely agree on the lack of narcissism in the psyche of Dr Gemma!
sounds like a fab time was had by all- here's to your next shindig!

Gemma said...

Suse--Come join us next year!

SusanJane said...

I would love to listen to your podcasts. I have heard that they are very good. However, in spite of considerable efforts and some whining, I can't. The email feed results in nothing. There is no current RSS feed (it stopped in March). I don't own an iPOD[I think it is still legal not to own one] and there's no direct link from the blog to the 'cast. Is there any place where these podcasts lurk that I can actually listen to them? As downloadable mp3 files? Please?