Friday, May 1, 2009

Episode 42 is Live!

Hey! I made some real, live yarn from my first spun stuff!

What's On My Hook/Needles: Nearly done the knitted cowl, not much on anything else--still knitting- monogamous. On to the croheted blanket! I'm still spinning fiber from Dyeing for Colour and the fabulous Lisa Souza Batt "Elektra". And welcome back to the Mobile Recording Studio!
A Strategy: Anger 101--Anger, fear, and containing anger before you blow up by monitoring your bodily responses.
Something I Really Like: Cold Stone Creamery.
Blather: About the Zazzle shop. Meanwhile, on 4A we've lost Babble and Scribble, but Little Red will be joining us soon.


unwoundyarn said...

I have been listening and enjoying but the Cold Stone Creamery piece is drawing a comment.
We have been enjoying smoosh-ins (the original term for mix-ins) since 1973. Steve Herrell invented the idea of taking ice cream on a marble slab and mixing in toppings. It quickly spread to other Boston area ice cream shops (Boston is the US #1 per captia ice cream eating).'s_Ice_Cream
Just had to let you know its long history on THIS coast ;-)'s_Ice_Cream

Weave, Spin, Dye - Oh My said...

Great job on the yarn kiddo. Really nice job. And I really liked the strategy about anger triggers. I DO that every now and again. Maybe not THAT bad but still . . . hmmmm.